Clear and simple: our cloud solution pricing models

Advanced features and functionalities

General system overview
  • Multi-client capability
  • Capability to handle multiple warehouse sites
  • Batch/serial management
  • Expiration date management (FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, LEFO)
  • System-directed putaway & picking
  • Cycle counting

Smart receiving
  • Blast freezer receiving
  • Digital weight receiving 
  • Catchweight receiving
  • Product return/recall

Dynamic putaway
  • Temperature control
  • Sensor technology (IOT)
  • Slotting, management of storage locations, stock, handling units, pallet positions, workstations
  • Management based on batch and serial numbers
  • Stock putaway, removal and transfer strategies
  • Multi-depth storage
  • Mobile application

High-efficiency picking
  • Replenishment control
  • Support for internal and external cross-docking
  • Mobile applications
  • Wave picking

Advanced shipping
  • Packing station
  • Load device management
  • Label management
  • Multi-level shipment consolidation

Value-added services
  • Hypercare support
  • Local support (Philippines)
  • Standard support services
  • Technical and infrastructure consultation
  • Interactive customer service portal
  • Extended support hours
  • Hosting and software-as-a-service (SAAS)


Warehouse Management Technologies

  • Barcodes and RFID
  • Automatic guided vehicle (AGV)
  • Temperature sensors
  • Shuttle and mobile racking
  • Pick-by-vision
  • Pick-by-voice
  • Pick-to-light

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The smart cold chain suite

Optimize not only your warehouse management but also your entire supply chain.

Warehouse Management

  • Management of storage locations, stock, handling units, pallet positions, workstations
  • Management based on batch and serial numbers
  • Stock putaway, removal, and transfer strategies
  • Replenishment control
  • Support for cross-docking
  • Packing station
  • Stock putaway packing station

Carrier Connect

  • Fast and accurate shipping labels
  • Flexibility to switch carriers and parcel services
  • Full integration into ERP, logistics, and other host systems
  • Routing data, labels, and EDI messages always up to date


  • Manual, semi-automated, or fully automated shipment consolidation
  • Stationary and mobile packing station
  • Multi-level and qualified packing
  • Special processing possible (dangerous goods or VDA consignments)
  • Load device management
  • Printing accompanying papers and documents

Logistics Cost Management

  • Simple invoice preparation for your logistics services
  • Flexible and transparent pricing
  • Flexible VAT calculation
  • Various master contracts for different customer groups
  • Better control with key figures in the billing processes
  • Easy integration into SAP® and other ERP systems

Monitoring and Alerting

  • Planning and monitoring supply chains
  • Proactive alerts of disruptions
  • Tracking of quality of service and on-time performance
  • Performance indicators and reports to help you make decisions
  • Easy integration into your IT environment