Warehouse Management

Cold Chain Warehouse Management: Smart, cloud-based, and industry-leading WMS

Cold Chain Warehouse Management supports end-to-end supply chain management of cold chain warehouses to ensure the highest quality and safety of perishable products – from receiving fresh foods or frozen foods to allocating storage locations to picking and dispatching.

Step up into a Smarter Cold Chain – Optimise your cold storage warehouse using cutting-edge warehouse management.

Guaranteed food safety
Smart receiving
Improved workforce productivity
Increased storage efficiency
Intelligent outbound processes
Real-time inventory management
 Guaranteed food safety

Guaranteed food safety

The cold storage landscape is changing and consumers are demanding more real-time information than ever about the products they purchase. Cold Chain Warehouse Management gives you the level of control needed over your warehouse and provides your customers with improved visibility on the expiration dates of the items you ship.

product recall  .  quarantine control  .  expiration date  .  temperature-control

 Smart receiving

Smart receiving

AEB understands the importance of ensuring compliance with best cold storage practices in preserving your customer’s food items' and pharmaceutical products' quality. Cooked food items should be blast chilled before being stored into a chiller or freezer. With this in mind, Cold Chain Warehouse Management allows you to perform both physical and system handling in a fast and consistent manner.

blast-freezer receiving  .  catch-weight receiving  .  blind receiving  .  cross-docking

Improved workforce productivity

Improved workforce productivity

Cold Chain Warehouse Management provides real-time data to enable tracking and monitoring of each warehouse worker's tasks. It measures the performance of each warehouse worker. This helps you identify productivity gaps and reduced processing efficiency within your cold storage operation.

labour management  .  forecasting  .  planning & scheduling  .  reporting

 Increased storage efficiency

Increased storage efficiency

Using directed putaway, Cold Chain Warehouse Management consistently follows inventory storage strategies. The result is improved space utilization and increased cold storage capacity, thus making picking more efficient.

system-directed put-away  .  multi-depth route optimization  .  temperature storage allocation  .  pick-by-voice and pick-by-light

Intelligent outbound processes

Intelligent outbound processes

Cold Chain Warehouse Management helps to direct users to the appropriate location in the warehouse. This is based on workflows to create and process warehouse tasks at various picking and packing stages in the cold storage operations. The capability to handle multi-level shipments provides the flexibility to accurately monitor the pallet content in terms of quantity, weight and batch number as it is packed for shipment.

packaging & reworking  .  product tampering  .  loading dock scheduling  .  multi-level shipment structure  .  carrier integration

 Real-time inventory management

Real-time inventory management

Cold Chain Warehouse Management provides real-time, detailed visibility into key inventory control and supply chain management measures. This includes inventory trends, stock on order and supplier on-time performance.

cycle counting  .  stock outs and excess stock  .  shelf and space utilization  .  quantity variance adjustments  .  product type and storage zoning

Streamline your cold chain operations using market-leading Cold Chain Warehouse Management.

Streamline your cold chain operations using market-leading Cold Chain Warehouse Management.

1. Arrival of goods

  • Advanced shipment notification
  • Planned and unplanned receipts

2. Check-in of goods

  • Quality check – temperature check, quality, quantity etc.
  • Packing, labelling and weighing
  • Blast freezer receiving
  • Cross-docking operation
  • Return of goods

3. Putaway of goods

  • System-assigned route
  • Optimized put-away
  • Computer-assisted replenishment control
  • Mobile application

4. Picking of goods

  • FEFO, FIFO, LIFO, LEFO stock removal strategy
  • Pick-by-voice
  • Pick-by-vision
  • Mobile application

5. Packing & dispatch

  • Packing and labelling
  • Loading via handheld computers or workstation
  • Staging area management via handheld computers

Your AEB Cold Chain Warehouse Management Experts

Brandon Boen  .  Cold Chain WMS Consultant

Brandon Boen

WMS Project Lead, APAC

Jennifer Laddaran  .  Sales and Business Development

Jennifer Laddaran

Sales and Business Development

Daisy Pacheco  . Pre-sales Consultant

Daisy Pacheco

Pre-sales Consultant

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