Five facts about supply chain collaboration

17February 2016

Which risks and opportunities are involved in supply chain collaboration? In what areas is collaboration of particular importance? Find out what experts say.

In my last post I shared the results of our recent study “GTM Agenda 2016” and I hope it was useful for our readers to benchmark their own global trade priorities. Our research paper also featured an additional focus theme: supply chain collaboration. And from this part I’d like to show you some interesting facts today:

Generally, four out of five global trade and logistics experts (82.6%) believe that cooperating closely with supply chain partners and working together to optimize workflows results in critical competitive advantages. However, the study also shows clear differences between expected and actual benefits of collaboration. It’s clear that businesses recognize its importance and benefits – but many still do not exploit its full potential.

Take a look at the following infographics to learn more. The full study is available for download here. Let me know if you have any questions, or comments. By the way – we’re already working on the questionnaire for the 2017 study: are there any areas of particular interest for you, or any questions about global trade and supply chain management trends and priorities you’d like to see answered? Let us know, we might still be able to work it in ;).


What experts think about supply chain collaboration




Opportunities that companies see in supply chain collaboration




Risks that companies see in supply chain collaboration




Areas that companies already collaborate in




Partners that companies already collaborate with




>> Download the full study “Global Trade Management Agenda 2016”


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